Starting A Chapter

Are you a dynamic teacher interested in GROWING YOUR OWN teachers for your community?

Are you willing to nurture middle school and high schools students interested in becoming educators?

Are you ready to become a TEACHER LEADER?


If you answered YES! to these questions, please read the information below in order to establish an EdRising NM Organization at your school.


Starting an EdRising NM Chapter today!


  1. Contact Dr. Karen Trujillo.
  2. Go to and register as a Teacher Leader by October 1, 2017.
  3. Recruit students and have them register at as students by October 1, 2017.  Make sure they are linked to your school based organization.  HINT: Have students enter the school address and zip code when they register.
  4. Check in at this website regularly for updates.
  5. Download the 2017-2018 Teacher Leader Guide and get started!
  6. Fill out and return the Edrising program of work NM for Your Educators Rising Chapter by October 1, 2017