We are so excited you will be joining us for the Educators Rising Conference in February. You can find information at the website, https://educatorsrisingnm.nmsu.edu/edrising-nm-state-conf-2018/

The agenda will have the breakout session times so that you can start planning your day. Take a few minutes to look at everything we have to offer.

There are some questions that have been asked by multiple participants, so I will try to address them here. I am sure more will arise, but for now here are some answers.

1. DRESS:  If you are competing, please plan on dressing in business attire for your competition. If you are attending, business casual is appropriate. No shorts, spaghetti straps, crop tops or tank tops. We want to be professional throughout the conference.

2. DANCE: The theme for the dance is TBA. Plan on dressing up to have fun and dance. 

3. COMPETITION SCHEDULE: We are finalizing the competition schedule today. Once it is completed it will also be uploaded onto the page above. This will be done later today. If you have a conflict or have a question on the schedule, let us know asap. Make sure your name appears correctly for each competition you signed up for.

4. HOTELS: The teams will be staying at either the SLEEP INN or the COMFORT SUITES. These hotels are in the same parking lot across from campus. They are sister hotels. We will know who is staying where by Monday. Essentially we assigned a certain number of rooms to each school and the teacher leaders will decide who stays with who. There are a few exceptions where there are groups of students from two different schools sharing rooms. 

5. MEALS: Please plan on eating at the hotel for breakfast. We will be serving LUNCH and DINNER on Monday at Corbett Center, but breakfast is at the hotel. Sunday there will be no meals provided, so plan for dinner and on Tuesday you will be eating lunch on your way home.

6. UPLOADING DOCUMENTS AND VIDEOS: The website to upload documents is https://educatorsrisingnm.nmsu.edu/edrising-nm-state-conf-2018/upload/

  • Paper documents (copies of speeches, paperwork for Exploring Education careers, authenticity paperwork for children’s literature, and job interview documents can be turned in at registration)
  • Lesson plans must be emailed to me by (tba). 
  • VIDEOS: Please upload all videos for lesson plans and Inside our School by (tba). If you have technical difficulties, please let me know.

7. PAYMENT and INVOICES: If you cannot pay upon registration, that is OK. Just let me know that it is being processed and we will work with you.

I think that is all. Have a great weekend and get everything ready to go!  See you in February.