Bilingual Chapters

We are now accepting applications for Bilingual Chapters for 2019-20!

Educators Rising believes in the importance of student voice, and we are excited to announce an opportunity for our members to stand out and get more involved! In support of our linguistic and cultural diversity in New Mexico, the Educators Rising NM state office is recognizing bilingual chapters. We are currently only recognizing Spanish bilingual chapters and hope to include additional languages in the future.


NM Teacher Leaders who are approved as Educators Rising NM Bilingual Chapters will gain:

  • State and National Exposure
  • A chance to provide input and feedback regarding state activities
  • Professional development resources
  • Listed publicly in our materials, like our website Educators Rising NM
  • Bilingual Education experience
  • Opportunity for students to present in Spanish in specific competitions at the Educators Rising NM State Conference


NM Teacher Leaders are eligible to be recognized as a bilingual chapter by meeting the following requirements:

  • Have an endorsement in Bilingual Education (or be actively pursuing one)
  • Agree to use a 50/50 dual language model in teaching curriculum
  • Agree to place students in a bilingual classroom for their practicum/internship experience
  • Agree to prepare students participating in Educators Rising NM state conference to complete at least one competition in Spanish


  • Bilingual Education Endorsement: Teacher Leaders must have a Bilingual Education Endorsement by the NM Public Education Department or be actively pursuing one. If pursuing the endorsement, completion should be within the year the Teacher Leader has applied to be a bilingual chapter. NOTE: If you do not have your endorsement but are interested in obtaining it, please let us know as we may have opportunities to support you in the process.
  • 50/50 Dual Language Model: Teacher Leaders in co-curricular chapters must teach the curriculum using the 50/50 model in their weekly or daily class. This means teaching no less than 50% of the curriculum in Spanish or English. Using more than 50% Spanish and translanguaging are also encouraged.
  • Bilingual Practicum/Internship: Teacher Leaders must place their students in a bilingual classroom for their practicum/internship experience.
  • Educators Rising NM State Conference: Teacher Leaders must prepare students participating in Educators Rising NM state conference to complete at least one of the specified competitions in Spanish. These competitions will be designated by the EdRising state office.

Educators Rising NM Bilingual Chapter Teacher Leaders must be able to check and regularly respond to emails throughout the year. We will communicate all upcoming opportunities to you via email, and we want your input on what you want to pursue in support of your bilingual chapter.

Additional Opportunities

During the year, we hope to provide Bilingual Chapter Teacher Leaders the chance to engage further in bilingual professional development opportunities. More information will be provided about these opportunities as they arise.

Key Details

Accepting submissions beginning October 14, 2019

Please submit your application here =>