2020-21 Student Ambassadors


Congratulations to our 2020-2021 Student Ambassador!



Darleen Ozaeta Anchondo

I am a senior this year at Gadsden High School in Anthony. This is my second year in EdRising and I have had the best experiences ever!  What I like about being in EdRising is being in the field of education to meet new people, like students, teachers, children and making new friends. What I also like about this program is that nothing stops our educators, we find the way to teach you and everyone else in the world. This year has been a new experience for every educator and for the students, we are all learning to do the greater good, but safely! I also like being able to help around the community, being able to be out there and get experience in anything that is offered to me. Hope you all are well and safe, thank you! 

Darleen attended the Student Leadership Institute at La Cosecha 2020!